In my opinion...

We usually say, “In my opinion..” or, “I think..” or “I believe..” and any kind of words to express our opinion.

The opinion is a common word for us. But do you know what is the opinion itself?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Opinion is a thought or belief about something or someone. The opinion is obviously different from the Fact. Fact is a statement that can be proven as true or false, meanwhile, Opinion is a personal view that also can be true or false based on the assertions that be given.

Because of opinion is a personal view, so no one can handle an opinion or how others think about something or someone. It means you don’t have to be angry when others don’t have the same opinion as you. There are two kinds of feedback that we will get after telling our opinion. The first one is Constructive Feedback. Constructive Feedback is the condition when we agree with someone or when we don’t agree with someone but we give another opinion as well in a nice word in order to give an improvement or get knowing if something goes wrong.

The second is Destructive Feedback. Destructive Feedback is the condition when we don’t agree with others and keep blaming them just because we don’t like them or we don’t agree with them without giving any evidence to support our assessments. This kind of feedback is used to hurt someone’s feelings instead of improving someone in doing something.

If Constructive Feedback has a good intention behind their critiques while the Destructive Feedback has the potential to destroy someone’s confidence and self-esteem. So, even though we don’t have the same thought or opinions with others but let’s try to keep saying something in a good way in order to not hurting someone’s feelings and also you will get a good image when you can face the differences with the Constructive Feedback.

Thanks for reading and be happy!