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I'm Not Beauty Enough

What do you think about yourself? Not good enough? Not beauty enough? Not rich enough? Not success enough? Not bright enough? Ugly? Bad? Poor? Fat? Useless?Well. Exactly, just being yourself is enough.You don't need to compare yourself to others. You don't have to say she's more beautiful than me or he's more successful than me.You are beautiful in your own way. It's okay to not slim. It's okay to not have a bright skin. It's okay to have the acnes. It's okay to not have the neat teeth. It's okay to not have a straight long hair. It's okay to have scars, stretch marks, or any imperfections on your body. If you are treated like a pig while others are treated like a princess. Then IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT. There's something wrong with people's minds.You know, maybe since we were kids, our mind is constructed with the index of beauty standards. If you've ever looked for what's the meaning of beauty. Then the definition will relate to…

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