Educate The Child to Love Our Environment

I live in a small city in Indonesia. My city has some beautiful beaches to visit. I personally really love to go to the beach. The most favorite beach is called Pantai Panjang. Pantai Panjang is so long. There is some part of that beach with different looks and ornaments in it. Also, there are some areas which are so clean and others are dirty.

Yesterday, I come to the clean one. I saw the beautiful sunset until the sky’s getting dark. Before the sky’s getting dark, there were two kids that throwing three mineral water bottles away to the beach, and I shouted on them like, “Please don’t litter!”. But fortunately, the wind brought back the two of them. So, I picked them up and everyone put their eyes on me.

Those kids are about 3 or 4 years old. It’s so sad to see them did so. I won’t make them like a villain but we should realize if there should be the role of the parent or the older people to educate them, tell them slowly, and made a habit to throw the trash in its place.

We might know if there are a lot of people, also many organizations are concerned about environmental issues. In the developed country, like Sweden, there’s a kid named Greta Thunberg, as an environmental activist who stan for climate change issues. Based on her Twitter, I found that she started realizing and caring about environmental problems since she was 10 and when she was 15, she started spending her school days outside the Swedish Parliament to call for stronger action on climate change every Friday. This action usually calls as of Friday for Future. After a year, there are a lot of people are doing the same in different countries. In 2019, she finally could attend the 2019 UN Climate Change Action Summit and speech there.

I don’t think that Greta realized what she realizes incidentally. I mean, it might be someone who let her know about how important to protect the earth. I also hope that not only Greta who will realize it early. If we can educate our younger sister and brother, our child, and many kids in this world. I think we can save the earth and help our environment together and make the great lovely generations for the future.

There is a lot of ways to protect the earth, not littering is just one of small action but big benefits that we can do. For the rubbish, we might be familiar with 3R Concepts (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). You can use the concept to cut down on what you throw away.

Another thing that nowadays being a popular campaign is ‘Zero Waste or Zero Plastics’ in order to reduce the use of plastic because plastic can harm our environment. So, we can habituate the children to bring the reusable shopping bag when buying the toys or snacks, use the reusable straw when drinking something, etc. We also can instruct them to plant a tree and let them know to not using the chemical stuff for the plants.

The children are so familiar with the animals. So, when they do litter, we can tell them about the fish which is dying in the sea because of the rubbish or plastic stuff. And how toxic plants if we give them chemical stuff and then we eat them later.

For daily habits, we can practice them to use bikes often than cars or motorcycles. That vehicles are the biggest compromise to our air. We can get polluted air directly because of it and also let them know if it can be a reason why our earth is hotter day by day.

If you can find the green community in your city, then let your child join them. It will give them more experience and knowledge too. Let’s protect our earth together and let the children contribute to this too!


Thanks for Reading.

Don’t forget to be happy!