A Girl and Her Umbrella


Once upon a time, lived a girl with her grandmother. They lived in a small village, located so far from city. The girl was 5 years old. She was beautiful, she had a wavy black hair and bright skin. She was an unpretentious girl. She never complained to her grandmother even when they should live in a small house.

One day, her born day was coming. Her grandmother just gave her an umbrella as a present. She was really happy to receive that. When the rain came, the girl would play over it. She loved her umbrella so much. The color of her umbrella was rainbow. And on the umbrella’s handle was ungraven her name, Rayna.

Every Sunday, Rayna and her grandmother usually went to the market. The distance between market and her village was about 5 km. They went there on foot. They had to go through the forest to get there. It was an exhausting journey. But Rayna never complained.

As usual, in the market, Rayna bought some vegetables, chickens and fish. The last, she bought a chocolate, her favorite meal. Before back to home, Rayna and her grandmother ate on the street food.

In the night, Rayna sat on the balcony and ate her big chocolate. But she didnt eat it entirely, just half of it. After that, she got sleepy then slept in the same room with her grandmother who had slept first.

The next day, when she woke up. She saw her grandmother didn’t wake up as usual. She got up to check over her grandmother. Rayna touched her grandmother’s skin, it was so cold but grandmother’s forehead was warm. She was worry. She prepared herself to go the market quickly. She would like to buy a fever medicine. It was rainy, but she’s still gone. She ran through the forest and arrived at the market after 30 minutes. She bought a herbal medicine. It was cheaper than doctor’s medicine. She didn’t has much money. After that, she would back to home but suddenly stopped because she saw a girl was standing at the road side and got wet because that girl didn’t use the umbrella. Rayna came to her, asked her, “why are you here?”. “I’m looking for a food”, the girl answered. “Are you hungry?”, Rayna asked again. The girl said,”I haven’t eaten for two days”. Rayna felt sorry to hear that. Then she bought that girl a food. In that moment, Rayna lost all of her money. After the girl felt satisfied, Rayna asked her again “Where your home is?”. That girl answered, “In the district 5”. And actually, district 5 was further than Rayna’s village. It was still rainy. With a big heart, Rayna gave her umbrella to that girl because the distance between market and district 5 was 9 km.

Rayna arrived at home, she was sloopy and really wet. Her grandmother asked her, “Where is your umbrella?”. Rayna answered, “I gave it to the girl who lived in the district 5. I met her in the market, she got wet and hungry. I also spent our money to buy her some food. I’m sorry grandma”. “It’s okay, you did the right thing. If i was you, i will do the same”, her grandmother said. “Ya, i love your kindness grandma, here is your medicine”, Rayna gave the medicine which she had bought. Then took a bath because she was really dirty. Before that, grandma said, “You are also kind pretty girl”. Rayna smiled, “Get well soon ma”. Grandmother said, “I will be”.


Day to day, month to month, time changed.


That was Sunday. Rayna’s grandmother was better. In the morning, both of them went to the market. They bought everything they need. In the afternoon, when they were ready to back home, rain came so heavy. Rayna and her grandmother didn’t bring the umbrella. They trapped in the grocery. They couldn’t buy the umbrella in the grocery. They decided to wait for the rain stopped fall down. But the sky got darker. Rayna felt worry, it was so impossible if she should back home in the evening. The forest would be so dark. Suddenly, Rayna was touched by someone. She looked behind and found the girl from the district 5. The girl asked Rayna, “why are you here?”. Rayna answered, “I can’t back to home. Because i don’t bring my umbrella”. “Here is yours”, the girl gave the umbrella back to Rayna. “Wow, do you still keep it well?”, Rayna shocked to see her umbrella again. “Of course Rayna. I thought it was a special thing for you.”, that girl said. “How can you know my name?”, Rayna asked. The girl said, “On its handle. Rayna, want you go home with me? I’m here with my mom and our horse-drawn carriage”. “Can we?”, Rayna looked happy. “Sure you can, hurry up, the night will come in the minute”.

30 minutes later...

Rayna and her grandmother arrived at home safely. Rayna thanked to the district 5’s girl, “Thank you girl uh um what’s your name?”. “I am Biebie”, the girl answered. “Oh thank you so much biebie”, Rayna said. “Your welcome Rayna, see you later”, Biebie said. Rayna waved her hand to Biebie, “See you Bie..be careful on your way”. Rayna felt so happy, she got her umbrella back and had a new friend.