Contoh Pidato Kepresidenan dalam Bahasa Inggris

Berikut adalah contoh teks pidato kepresidenan dalam Bahasa Inggris. Pidato ini terinspirasi oleh Pidato Presiden Joko Widodo saat berada di the Australian Parliament House untuk merayakan 70 tahun kerjasama Indonesia-Australia pada bulan Februari 2020:

The Excellency Prime Minister, Scott Morrison

The Excellency Senator, Scott Ryan

The Honorable Senators and Members of Parliament

The Distinguished Guests

Good afternoon

It’s an honor for me to speak in front of the entire senators at the Australian Parliament House.

Ladies and gentlemen, as we all know, Indonesia and Australia are close neighbors. Indonesia and Australia are not the same, but Indonesia and Australia have a lot of similarities, such as have the same values, have ethnic diversity, Democracy State, uphold the tolerance, respect the Human Rights, and protect the environment. Not only that, Indonesia and Australia also have similar young people, who are both familiar with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This similarity makes Indonesia-Australia not only close between governments, but also between the two countries' youth. Which is the young people who will continue the Indonesia-Australia partnership for the following years. Through the sophistication of the times, the interaction of young people has also become more active. For example in cultural exchanges and student exchanges between our young people.

Distinguished guests, currently Indonesia-Australia has entered the age of 70 partnerships. 70 years is not a short time, even 30 years from now the age of our partnership will be 1 century. From now on, of course we need to prepare for that day to come.

We live in a world full of uncertainty. World conditions will be difficult to predict. Worsening political conditions, stagnant economy, fading democratic values, we might see it in a few years. There are many challenges that may be faced, it is better if we stay focused on the Indonesia-Australia partnership. I propose several strategies for maintaining the Indonesia-Australia partnership.

1.                  We must continue to preserve the values of democracy, stand for the Human Rights and uphold the tolerance. In addition, we must also against intolerance, radicalism, and even terrorism on any basis.

2.                  Indonesia-Australia must continue to apply the principles of an open, free, and fair economy, even when many countries are implementing protectionism. This is also the reason why Indonesia agreed to the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA).

3.                  Indonesia-Australia is a maritime country. Being near to the region of the Pacific countries, of course, the conditions of our country are not much different. Therefore, we need to be partners for pacific countries. We can collaborate to reduce the impact of climate change, reduce poverty and social inequality, and also build a new economic center in Pacific Countries.

4.                  We must also preserve the nature and the environment. Because protecting the environment and the nature is not just an individual duty but ours. Therefore, we need to collaborate to overcome the problems that occur in our forests and our planet.

The distinguished guests, apart from these 4 strategies, I also offer the Indonesia-Australia Wave. Through the Indonesia-Australia Wave, we can evoke and develop the love of young people from Indonesia to Australia, also from Australia to Indonesia. Investments in the youth are very important investments for the Indonesia-Australia partnership. By the 4 strategics and this investment, I hope that we can celebrate our 1-century partnership in the future.

Through the sincere friendship, Indonesia-Australia friendship will not only give benefits to both countries but also many countries in the region and also the world as a whole. Thank you.