I'm Not Beauty Enough

What do you think about yourself? Not good enough? Not beauty enough? Not rich enough? Not success enough? Not bright enough? Ugly? Bad? Poor? Fat? Useless?

Well. Exactly, just being yourself is enough.

You don't need to compare yourself to others. You don't have to say she's more beautiful than me or he's more successful than me.

You are beautiful in your own way. It's okay to not slim. It's okay to not have a bright skin. It's okay to have the acnes. It's okay to not have the neat teeth. It's okay to not have a straight long hair. It's okay to have scars, stretch marks, or any imperfections on your body. 

If you are treated like a pig while others are treated like a princess. Then IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT. There's something wrong with people's minds.

You know, maybe since we were kids, our mind is constructed with the index of beauty standards. If you've ever looked for what's the meaning of beauty. Then the definition will relate to the bright skin, slim, high, glowing face, pointed nose, straight hair, small lip, small eyes, beautiful eyelashes, beautiful smile, neat teeth, neat eyebrows, plumpy butt, big boobs, and etc. Wanna add some more?

In addition, you'll look more beautiful if you wear the branded stuff, buy new clothes every week, go traveling every season, hang out to the popular cafe every day, go to the club on Friday Night, post your best OOTD every day, etc. Wanna add some more?

This is how social media and the industry companies construct your mind, again. When you open your social media account, you'll try to compare those people to yourself. When you think, they're the same with the beauty standard that has constructed in your mind. You will start insecure with it. You will start blaming yourself and get envy of everyone. In case, you may get depressed. 

Also, have you given your attention to the beauty product or fashion items advertisement? The company will give you an example of a beauty woman with their perfect skin face and perfect body shape. When you think, you don’t have it all. You will start to compare yourself again and say if that is the real definition of beauty, and you will be perfectly insecure.

But TODAY IS DIFFERENT. We live in the modern era. We shouldn't follow the things which not fit in our lives. To not following that old standard, we must create our own. We must create a standard of beauty, success, and other aspects of our own life. We must have our own Value. Let's start to create it RIGHT NOW and STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS. Because you are beauty.

If you think the beauty people have their own privilege in society....yes it's right. But if you have the value of your life, society will give you the privilege too. 

You don’t need to be beauty to get the privilege in society even though the fact says you must. Beauty will never stay forever on your face. One day, you might be got an accident and it ruins your beauty all of sudden. Or you'll get older, so the wrinkles will ruin your beauty too.

I wanna tell you about this…if you think, you don’t have any privilege on society but you’re dying to have it, then MAKE IT! How to make it? You can make it by stop talking but do some actions. You must know what you’re good at, find something that you loved (activity, hobby, thing, NOT BOY/GIRL or CELEBRITY pls) then do or practice it regularly till you can say if it’s your passion. You must enjoy it too. If in the process, you don’t enjoy it or you’re getting bored, then find something that you will never bored to do it. Something beneficial that will support your personal branding. 

Personal branding is the key point that youth should have. 

So here are some points that I think you must have if you wanna have the privilege on society:

1. Create your own Value/Principe of life/Life’s standard

2. Know your passion or at least, you know what you’re good at

3. Find your goals of life

4. Take some actions and stop lying on your bed or stalking your crush

5. Do it consistently 

6. Write down every special thing of yourself

7. Tell it to people around the world in Your Social Media

8. Have a great Personal Brand!

It won’t be as easy as I said. I know, because everything needs process, darl. There’s no instant way to be at the top of the mount. You must be patient, consistent, optimistic, and believe if you can do it.

You don’t need to always compare yourself to others. You don’t need to depend on beauty standards to get the privilege. Everyone is beautiful. God never makes mistakes on Its creature. So, if you wanna look gorgeous in front of all people in this world…you must have your own standard and have a good personal brand.

There's no accident that could ruin your value or your personal brand if you still keep it good consistently.

Thanks for coming and reading.

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